Since 2006, Sandy has been working with naturally enriched skin care products. However, when she became pregnant in 2013, she only wanted one thing; healthy skin care for her most precious possession. So, the search was started for truly natural, purest skin care, without chemical additives *, organic and vegan and, most important,  which shows results on the skin.
There are so many natural products which do nothing but just moisturise the skin. Sandy wanted to also have good products which gave good results with skin problems, like wrinkles or fine lines, hyperpigmentation, acne(scars), rosacea, dry, sensitive or greasy skin, dark cirkles around the eyes and so on.
Nature supplies so many beautiful ingredients to take care of the skin. Why suffice with products that are full of fillers and mean nothing to your skin, except lay a layer on the skin? Not to mention what it can cause in the long term.

So she went looking for the best natural skin care products. A challenging job, because of the wide range of products available claiming to be natural. In which various INCI codes had to be deciphered and critical questions had to be asked to various distributors / importers / producers. What about the use of alcohol in a product? It dries out the skin and there are countless replacement options. Is there an alternative for hyaluronic acid which is not from animals? It was also found that in many cases, in addition to alcohol, perfumes, parabens, animal ingredients, colorants, SLS / SLeS / ALS, petrochemical constituents, formaldehyde, DEA / TEA / Phthalates, the products also contain urea. She was therefore very careful in selecting the right products. When choosing products from this website, you can be sure that the products do not contain any of the above ingredients. She selected brands she was confident about and you can find these on the website. Sandy also works with many of these products in her beauty salon; Experience Your Wellness.

* therefore no polyethylene and synthetic colors and fragrances.