Why we started this.

In 2013, when pregnant with twins, founder Sandy Elsaify – van Hulssen, was looking for a face and body care brand for herself and her babies, which were naturally derived and contained organic ingredients that were proven to be safe and effective. With her experience in cosmetics to her it was very important to have beauty products with effective results, no parabens or harmful chemicals and they were not tested on animals.

Unfortunately, there were at that time little products available in stores across the Netherlands which sold them. In her quest, Sandy came across PHB Ethical Beauty. A brand which was not only hand made and all natural, it was also halal certified. This came as a nice extra. PHB Ethical Beauty had a broad range of wonderful face, body and hair care products and being so enthusiastic about the quality, Sandy decided to start a webshop, so more men and women were able to benefit from these wonderful products. Now the webshop has grown with more brands, and is still growing.



Sandy decided to start her beauty salon and work with only natural product there as well. She looked for a 100% natural beauty brand which not only nurtured the skin, but also improved it; reduced wrinkles, brighten uneven skin tone and even lift the ageing skin. She found all these and more in Éminence Organic Skin Care.
In the salon ‘Experience Your Wellness‘ skin improving treatments can be taken. All clients with the Special Membership, get a special VIP code, to purchase all products from the webshop with 10% discount (also on the SALE products).


Not every product is added to the webshop. Sandy carefully researches the brand and ingredients before a product(range) is added to the webshop. So you as a consumer can be sure to purchase only all-green, all-natural products with no additives, chemicals or perfume. Also products ànd ingredients are not tested on animals. Most of the products in the shop are handmade, have won several awards and ingredients are eco-friendly grown and harvested.