Do you offer free postage?
We offer free economy shipping on all orders over € 35,-.  Please note economy shipping does NOT include tracking.

Does my order have tracking?
Your order will have tracking if it has been paid for. In certain cases, our warehouse staff will add tracked shipping to high value orders at their own discretion.

How can I track my order?
If your order has tracked shipping your tracking number and the shipping provider will be linked on the relevant order. You can then track your order using the details provided.

Can I return a product?
You may return your item for an exchange/refund if the item is unopened and unused to:
Experience Wellness, Hettenheuvelweg 16, 1101 BN Amsterdam

Please wrap the item securely in its original packaging, as we cannot process a refund if it has been damaged in transit to us. Do enclose a note with your order number and the reason for return. Please remember to obtain a proof of posting certificate if using the Post Office.

Issues with items/orders:

My item/items arrived damaged what can I do?
In the case that an item arrives to you damaged we request that you inform customer service. Please specify the items damaged as well as an accompanying photo of the damaged goods. We ask that you don’t dispose of any of the packaging/items until a response has been sent from the customer service team.

I’d like to change/amend my order
We aim to get your order packed and shipped as quickly as possible. There is a small-time frame between your order being placed, packed and shipped. In some cases, if you contact us quick enough we can alter addresses and possibly add/remove items to orders. If you have received a shipment email we won’t be able to alter your order.

I’ve had a reaction to a product
If a product is defective, or you suffer a reaction, please stop using the product immediately and contact our customer service team. We will do our best to resolve any issues you may have as efficiently as we possibly can.

Can I cancel my order?
In the case you wish to cancel and order you will need to contact customer service as soon as possible and request for your order to be cancelled. If your order has already been shipped, we won’t be able to cancel the order. In the case the order has been shipped and you still don’t want the items on receipt your more than welcome to return them back to us for a refund.

One of my items is missing
If an item is missing from your order, do report it to customer service. Please inspect the parcel for any damage or signs that it has been tampered with. If there are signs of damage, please do take a picture and send it to customer service. Once customer service has been informed we can proceed with the situation further.

I received incorrect item, what do I do?
We apologise if there has been an error with your order. Please report the item you received and the item you should have received to customer service along with picture evidence.

I haven’t received an order or shipping confirmation, was my order successful?
Confirmation emails are sent automatically once the order has been placed, if you haven’t received one there could be a few reasons as to why.

– Your email may be incorrect
– Your confirmation has been blocked by your spam filter and it has been sent to your junk folder.
– Your order may have become stuck on the system and hasn’t come through correctly.
Alternatively, please do get in touch with customer service and we can investigate it further.

Payment Questions:

What payment methods do you accept?
We accept payment via all major credit and debit cards, and through either iDeal or PayPal. Below is a list of accepted methods of payment:

iDeal | Visa | Mastercard | Amex | Paypal

What currency do you use?
Our prices are shown in Euros. When you pay with a card issued by a country not using Euros, your total will automatically be converted to your local currency by our payments processing bank at the currency exchange on the day of your order.

Discount Codes:

Where do I apply the discount code?
You can apply discount codes in the voucher box, at the check out.

I’m a first-time customer, why can’t use the new customer code?
To use the new customer code you need to create an account. Once you have created an account you do need to be signed into the account for the code to work.

Can I apply more than one code to an order?
Unfortunately, not. We only allow one discount code per order.

So all your products are Natural or Organic?
One thing our experience in this industry has taught us is the need to tread carefully when using the terms ‘Organic’ and ‘Natural’. Unfortunately there is very little legislation regarding the promotion or use of the words such as organic, natural or pure, indeed many products that are labelled in this way can contain just a tiny percentage in the overall ingredients and the rest is made up of chemicals. So at Experience Wellness we minimize this risk by studying all the ingredient content of all our products and can guarantee that none of our products contain:

Synthetic Fragrance, parabens, colourants, SLS / SLeS / ALS, petrochemical ingredients, Formaldehyde, DEA / TEA / Phthalates, urea 

We also like to go that one step further as many of our brands have been through a certification process by a regulatory body such as the UK Soil Association, BDIH and EcoCert where they have been thoroughly tested for their organic or natural ingredients.

None of our products have been tested on animals.

I have many complications with my skin. How do I know what to choose?
Firstly, if you already know that you are unable to use products that contain a certain ingredient you can check against the ingredient list next to each individual product item. We feel that it is important to be as transparent as possible about what goes into each product that we sell.

Secondly, if you are looking for new product to combat a specific skin problem such as eczema, rosacea or acne then please browse our blog or check out our YouTube channel where many of the more common problems are tackled and products and routines are recommended.

Thirdly….just ask! Please feel free to pick up the telephone and speak to one of our trained members of staff. Don’t forget, because we work very closely with the brand owners we receive constant training and support from them and therefore are equipped with all the latest and up to date news and advice.