Their Story

Several years ago Carole Fraser (Moroccan Natural’s founder) had more than just a ‘bad hair day’. Her hair was frizzy with terrible split ends, wouldn’t hold its colour and had just turned on her. In a desperate bid to bring it back to life Carole browsed the internet and put 10 items into her basket; a shampoo for dry hair, a mask for splitting hair, something else for breaking hair and another product for dry hair. Just as she was about to hit the ‘checkout’ button, she had a big flash that said ‘Stop! These are all chemicals and it is chemicals that have done this to your hair’.

She called her Guru in Canada – Jacques Lee Pelletier – and he suggested that she try some Argan Oil from Morocco – that is how she discovered the amazing, wonderful properties lurking in each drop. Not only did it bring back her hair to the condition it had been years previously but it also got rid of the eczema that she had on her legs for the previous 14 years. And so in 2010 … Moroccan Natural was born.

About them

Our line nourishes the skin and hair with antioxidants, wonderful vitamins and essential fatty acids from the most pure, exclusive organic certified extracts and oils. Our products provide a simple yet highly effective skin regime, suitable for all skin types.
Our ethos is to produce the very best chemical free organic and natural products available, keeping packaging to a minimum so as to not produce any unnecessary waste.

None of our products contain silicones, parabens or artificial preservatives (in the oil blends there is 1% tocopherol required by EU regulators). No dyes, alcohol, formaldehyde synthetic perfumes. In other words – No PEG, PPG, EDTA, SLS, SLES, MEA, DEA, TEA, or GMO. This allows them to be suitable for even the most sensitive skins .

Moroccan Natural is our brand of pure organic, natural healing and rejuvenating Argan, Rhassoul and other time honoured products for the body, face and hair.